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Apple MacBook Air 2022 renders are real

The Apple MacBook Air 2022 is on its way. Yes, that’s right, I’m referring to the MacBook Air 2022 and not the MacBook Pro 14-inches. The leaks are hard to predict this year, and it all seems confusing yet exciting. Apple is keeping the keynotes interesting this year, and this new release is even more exciting.

Apple MacBook Air 2022 in Blue, Silver, Purple, Rose Gold, Orange, Yellow, and Green Color?

We expected Apple would introduce a new 14-model with the next-gen M2 chipset. Jon Prosser says that the new MacBooks will be a redesign in Chessy, but I do not expect them to have the M2 chip inside. Leaks suggest that the new redesign will come in the new colors as the 24-inches iMac along with white screen bezels. The design is certainly the final version. One of Jon Prosser’s videos claims he gets the leaks, and he is allowed to share the renders. His method is to collaborate with the render maker to create the renderings of the actual device. These leaks result from Jon’s collaboration with Ian Zelbo (@RedersbyIan), and show the new flat design for the MacBook.

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The least chances are that the device can be the new MacBook Pro. The new redesign draws inspiration from the well-built Pixel Go with its really large rubber pads. These renders show a single USB-C port, but that may not be true. We expect Apple to include a Micro-SD slot, a magnetic charger, an HDMI port, and several extra USB-C ports. Another possibility is that Apple reserved these extra ports for its high-end models with 16-inch displays.

It is strange to me that the display has white bezels. Black looks elegant, and black bezels are more appropriate. To top it off further, the keyboard also matches in white and has the same layout as the current model. I would love to know what color bezels you prefer on your laptop – white or black? Comment below.

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