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Apple’s multi-colored iMac shows the rise in technology since the Macintosh G3

The Apple Mac range of products has always been on top of my technology list. When I was ten years old, I had my first taste of Macintosh around 2004. It would not surprise me if someone tells me Windows had a better GUI in the twenties. Apple was failing to sell Macs until the G3 saved Cupertino from bankruptcy. Were they brilliant pieces of hardware? Well, of course, they were the most powerful Macs when launched back on August 15, 1998; 22 years ago.

Then and Now!

As we look back in time, a lot has changed, and yet everything remains the same. The 2021 iMacs are the most powerful iMacs yet, but it still doesn’t outperform the best Windows computers. You can once again buy iMacs in rainbow colors, and they still outperform the older Mac products with intel inside. When Apple released its most powerful Macs in 1998, it used PowerPC G3 (PowerPC 750) processors. Today we have M1 chipsets in the newest iMac 2021.

If Steve Jobs was Alive!

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Cook is fulfilling Steve Jobs’ dreams by creating Apple into what it is today. If Steve were still alive, he would have taken the same approach with iMacs this year. The new iMac 2021 is not just a powerhouse inside, but it’s as beautiful outside as well.

The design which is too beautiful

Apple understands that iMacs were getting boring, which is why Apple created it to be made of a single piece of aluminum back and glass front. The product redesign makes the new iMacs appear flatter, much like the iPhone 12 and the iPad Pro. There are no curves on the back, nor is there any aluminum on the front. 

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The bezels on the front are much narrower, and now they come in white color instead of black. That brings me back to the launch of the Product Red iPhone 7, one which had a glory all of its own. While “Verge” has to say that it’s a Weird design, I call it an extraordinary design with Only 11.5 mm of thickness. The display is so thin that Apple couldn’t afford to put a headphone jack on the back. Instead, the jack lives on the left side of the flat edge aluminum frame.

new iMac comes in a spectrum of seven vibrant colors — green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver
The redesigned iMac will be available in seven colors.| Image: Apple

Apple didn’t forget to put a 4.5K display on their new Apple iMacs. There is a large chin at the bottom, but that packs the actual M1 hardware beneath. Like the M1 MacBooks, the iMac’s use the True Tone technology to adjust the color temperature automatically.

The Remote Work Promise

Globally, people are being affected by COVID-19, and major companies are turning their tables around and letting their employees work from home. Having become increasingly accustomed to video conferencing, Apple finally expands on its webcam with higher res (1080p) and larger sensor.

The large sensor enhances picture quality through the use of computational imaging from an image signal processor on M1. Apple also brings Studio-quality mics on the 2021 iMacs for high-quality conversations.

iMac 2021 comes with 1080p webcam
The redesigned iMac with conference calls.| Image: Apple

These three-array microphones haven’t been as good as I would like for recording podcasts, but they are the best of any all-in-one computer. Apple is using beamforming technology to cut off the background noise. 

Apple Proves To Have The Best Speaker Setup

It amazes me how Apple does that, but anytime we get a new Mac, the speakers get improved. Apple says that the Six-speaker sound system on iMac 2021 is enough to fill the entire room. With two force-canceling woofers and high-performance tweeters, this device provides incredible sound quality with rich bass. Imagine watching Netflix on it!

The Hardware and Software Promise

Big Sur and M1 in the 2021 iMacs is an authentic example of sustained performance and great capabilities. Apple says that the CPU is 85% faster, and the GPU is 2 times faster than a standard 21.5-inch iMac. The hardware, software, and silicon on these iMacs are optimized for over 1000 Applications now. 

The entry Level iMac starts at $1,299.00 or $108.25 per month for 12 months. It has Apple M1 Chip with 8-Core CPU, 7-Core GPU, 256GB storage, 8GB unified memory, 24-inch 4.5K Retina display, and Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports. In comparison, the $1,499.00 model has an 8-Core CPU, 8-Core GPU along with Two USB 3 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID.

Apple iMac pricing in India is not much bad
Apple iMac 2021 Indian Pricing with Colors availability| Image: Apple

We have a third variant for $1,699.00 with 512GB storage, 8GB unified memory. The price difference is not much, and it is a much-preferred variant by Heapooh geek-squad. You can upgrade these iMacs with up to 2TB storage and 16GB unified memory. A matching Magic Keyboard and matching power cord for these models are available, which is pretty sweet. 

The new iMacs are truly exciting pieces of hardware. Keeping in mind that these are the first generation models, it is still going to take some time for applications to be ported to these new iMacs from Apple. 

What do you think iPad Air Pro M1 is a dope or a nope?

Several members of the Macfan community have lauded the Mini and Macbooks of the first generation, but should you replace your desktop now? We’d love to hear from you!


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