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Google I/O 2021: It’s official now

Google I/O 2021 will kick off on Tuesday, May 18 at 10 a.m. PT with Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google taking the stage to speak. This morning we received the official invitation to the two-day developer conference in our mailbox. This event will include insightful discussions, hands-on learning with Google experts, and the first look at Google’s newest developer products.

Naturally, I am looking forward to seeing new tools for developers, but what interests me most is the redesign for Android 12. Last week, Google released the Android 12 Developer Preview 3, and it already shows a few signs of UI modifications. We’ll likely find out about some of these additional features at the Google I/O event in the coming days.

Android Developer Preview 3 is Here
Android 12 Developer Preview 3 / Image: Google Blog Post
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Google teasers imply some improvements to their existing features like Google Assistance. Following this keynote, a session for developers on how to take advantage of and build for new technologies will be held.

Anyone can sign up for the forum, you just need to register and tell Google about your product of interest. The list includes: Accessibility, Ads, Android, Augmented Reality, Chrome OS, Cloud, Design, Firebase, Flutter, Gaming, Google Assistant, Google Play, Growth, iOS, IoT/Smart Home, Location/Maps, ML/AI, Mobile, Open Source, Payments, Search, and Web.

Google I/O products showcase for the event
developer tools and technology / Image : Google events
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About 281 speakers will take the stage in these three days, and you can see the entire schedule and names on this link. You can even mark your calenders ranging from the on-demand events to the regular day keynotes. Several keynotes and events on the conference agenda may interest you; you might mark your calendars in case you are interested in a few of them.

We expect Google I/O to launch or share on stage their upcoming Google Pixel 5A. Google may showcase the device and schedule a launch along with the Android 12 ultimate release. Who knows if we get to see a glimpse of Google Pixel 6 (Codename: ‘Whitechapel’ as well.

Google Pixel Watch Leaked/ Video: FRONT PAGE TECH/ Jon Prosser

Keep in mind that John Presser has already shown us a sneak peek of the Google Watch. Due to Google’s announcement announcing new ways to develop apps for Google Wear OS, we are even more convinced. Will we see something else soon? Let’s discuss it in the comments section below.

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