Since 2017 and we keep on delivering

Heapooh is a Technology Media Company with a mission to make the community more knowledgeable about technology by providing useful tips, information, walkthroughs, and other resources.

We started Heapooh in September 2017 with a passion to publish daily tips on Gadgets and Technology. Since then we have been working to make this Media website your periodic addiction when you are relaxing or having your first cup of coffee in the morning.

Although most people do not know it, our first step into Technology was as an Android application that became an Android Magazine. We followed up with a YouTube channel and found the need to move to the web platform.

We Dream Technology, and we work together as one Company

We opened our initial headquarters in Zirakpur, India. Abhey and I were the only ones there. Akash became our third partner shortly after that. Padam and Abhishek were staying behind in their remote positions to support a series of events. Abhishek helped me with the brand name, and for digital marketing stuff, we utilized Padam's expertise.

Our entrepreneurial knowledge was lacking, and we didn't know how to start a business. Finally, we split up and shut down the Zirakpur headquarters. Several of our old team members have formed a new group supporting our brand new website.


Anshul Nischal


Abhishek Mazumdar

Content Writer

Chetna Arora

Senior Editor