Microsoft allegedly discontinued the development of Windows 10X in favor of the Sun Valley Project

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Windows 10 is the most popular operating system in the world, and Microsoft has just made it accessible for as little as 300$ to purchase a computer equipped with Windows 10. A laptop at this price is certainly not a joke, and the company’s big competition is Chrome OS in this field.

Students may look for a laptop with fewer features but quick to open Microsoft Office and other school-related software. Chrome OS comes in handy to fill in this space. It runs smoothly on weak hardware and gives beginner users the best of both worlds.

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Microsoft recognizes this, and it is afraid of this competition. There’s a silver lining, though. Microsoft still leads in development support, and it can still compete with Google’s Chrome OS

Google’s Chrome OS was the inspiration for Microsoft to announce Windows 10X in 2019. This simplified version of Windows 10 is perfect for beginners. It runs well on entry-level laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Microsoft originally intended to introduce this lighter version of Windows 10 along with Surface new in 2021.

An anonymous source told Petri that Microsoft has delayed the release of Surface Neo, and the company will not ship the new operating system this year. As a result, Microsoft may put this entire project on hold as they focus on improving Windows 10.

Windows 10X is a competition to Google Chrome OS for low specked laptops
Image: Microsoft Windows

Microsoft may consider many factors, including the macOS Big Sur with M1. Petri reports that Microsoft intends to integrate Windows 10X with Windows 10 Sun Valley in the coming months. The Windows 10 Sun Valley edition will feature a significant design overhaul, and it might also bring native support for ARM devices to the operating system.

Microsoft must decide which direction to take. Does the company need Windows 10X, or does it need to update Windows to run on ARM processors as Apple did? I hope they realize the complexity of this problem before it’s too late. 


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