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How to transfer your Domain Name from Namecheap to Cloudflare – 2022 Guide


Cloudflare now has the authority to set the authoritative records for your domain that Namecheap once did. Basically, you can move your domain name to the most secure website on the planet today – Cloudflare. This guide will walk you through transferring your domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare.

You will need to submit a transfer request to your new registrar in order to remove a domain from Namecheap. Their specific instructions will help you in this process.

The domain must comply with the following specifications before a transfer can begin:

  • The domain has been online for over 60 days.
  • In the past 60 days, there was no transfer of the domain between registrars.
  • There is no “Registrar Lock” in place on the domain (“Unlocked”).

The following instructions will help you remove Registrar Lock and obtain your domain’s Auth code:

  • Please login to your Namecheap account.
  • Select the domain you wish to transfer out from Domain List, then click Manage.
Sign in to Namecheap and look for domain name
Credits: Heapooh x Namecheap
  • Navigate to the Sharing and Transfer tab:
Check the Sharing and transfer tab. How to transfer domain from Namecheap to cloudlfare.
Credits: Heapooh x Namecheap
  • Unlock the domain by adjusting the Domain Lock setting to OFF.
Unlock the domain by switching it off
Credits: Heapooh x Namecheap
  • Don’t forget to get the Auth code.
Get the authorization code
Credits: Heapooh x Namecheap
  • Codes are sent to the email address of the Registrant
    Note – Domains are registered with registrant email addresses, which may not be the same as account emails. 

As part of this process, you will also be asked to specify the reason for transferring the domain name. Transfers will be initiated at the Registry level after the new registrar has initiated the transfer and provided the auth code. According to ICANN transfer policy, Namecheap has 5 days to release your domain(s). 

Since we’ve already signed-out of WHOIS on Namecheap and acquired the Authentication Code, we should consult Cloudflare. Here are the steps.

  • Sign-in to your already registered cloudflare account.
  • Navigate to Buy Domains.
how to transfer domain from name cheap to cloud flare step 1
Credits: Heapooh x Cloudflare
  • Select the Domain to transfer.
how to transfer domain from name cheap to cloud flare step 2
Credits: Heapooh x Cloudflare
  • Click on Confirm Domains. ( You can do this only when the WHOIS is turned off).
how to transfer domain from name cheap to cloud flare step 3
Credits: Heapooh x Cloudflare
  • Put in the Domain to Authorize.
how to transfer domain from name cheap to cloud flare step 4
Credits: Heapooh x Cloudflare
  • Navigate to the email address where you received the Authorization Code.
  • To complete your transfer to Cloudflare, you will need to enter that code. Cloudflare will use it to verify your transfer.
  • Input your registration information as the final step in the transfer process. The information should be accurate WHOIS contact information.
  • By choosing Confirm transfer, you will agree to the domain registration terms of service.

In the event the WHOIS database contains the registrant’s information, Cloudflare will begin the transfer process and send a Form of Authorization (FOA) email to the registrant. Domain transfers are authorized by the FOA. 

Transfer statuses

For your domain, you can check on the status of your transfer by going to Account Home > Overview > Domain Registration. The following is a list of possible transfer statuses.

  • Transfer in progress.
  • Pending approval.
  • Transfer rejected.

Namecheap will send you an email asking you to approve the domain transfer. In any case, the company will ask if you would like to cancel the transfer and provide a link to their website for more details. You will then have the option of accepting or declining the transfer.

Transfer out of .CH, .ES, .FR, .LI, .PE, .SG domains:

You must renew these ccTLDs at least 12 days before they expire. If the subscription is not renewed by this date, it will go into a redemption status, and if it can be recovered, there will be an extra fee for recovery. Redeemed domains cannot be transferred out.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Android 12 update is on the Air with One UI 4.0


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Android 12 update is rolling out now. It was originally predicted that Samsung would release One UI 4.0 in 2022 on S20 FE and S10, so this early release is a pleasant holiday surprise. My original Samsung S1 was an Android phone, and I have always loved Android. Until the S9, Samsung’s only problem was software updates, but it appears that has been resolved.

Samsung prioritizes updates only for its exynos-based devices right now. In the coming year, companies will begin moving to their own SOC, which will allow them to better control the software updates on smartphones. In addition to Google and Apple, OnePlus and Xiaomi are following the trend.

Users in Germany and Switzerland.

Anyways, if you live in Switzerland, then you can now update your Galaxy S20 FE (SM-G781B — Exynos, 5G) to Android 12 with One UI 4.0. In the meantime, the global Galaxy S10 (SM-G97xF) – the Exynos 4G model – is now receiving firmware version G97xFXXUEGULB in Germany and Switzerland. This includes both the December security patch and Android 12/One UI 4.0. As long as no issues develop, we can expect other countries to get the update.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with Android 12.0 in Canada
Credits – Samsung x Heapooh

Presently, I am using a S20FE that’s a Snapdragon-based model (SM-G781W). The Samsung S20 FE SM-G781W update for Android 12 is just around the corner, so if you are in Canada and waiting for it, then the update will be available soon. Samsung is seriously changing its way of dealing with old smartphones, so we can expect the same from the Note 10 line-up.

SM-G781B owners should make sure they check for software updates. Navigate to Settings > Software update > Download and install. You should see it soon if you can’t see it already. Which region are you in? Let us know if you already see an update for your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with One UI 4.0.

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently

Have you tried to “Delete Telegram Account” recently? In my experience, it is an interesting approach if you are looking to delete your Telegram account using your iPhone application. Let me explain my reasons for deleting Telegram messenger on my iPhone and why I needed to write an article about it.

Telegram is an instant messaging application based on the cloud. Wikipedia reports this company lacked a headquarters until 2017. In the present day, the headquarter is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

The first time I installed Telegram was on 23-05-2017. The story starts with the second technology blog of my life. Beebom contacted me to write an article about 10 COOL TELEGRAM MESSENGER APP TRICKS. I wrote my first article about the Samsung Galaxy S8+. They did not consider the latter.

How to Delete Telegram Account? - My original story
Credits: Telegram x Heapooh

Now, I find no need for Telegram since we have better alternatives like Whatsapp and Microsoft teams. Telegram synchronizes well with laptops (Telegram Web and Telegram Messenger), iPads, and smartphones. I believe this was why I continued to use it for so long. Telegram is no longer my preferred communication tool since Teams is pre-installed into my Windows laptop, and WhatsApp is now available on all desktop OS (Linux, macOS, and Windows).

Privacy concerns around Telegram

The main reason to choose Microsoft teams over Telegram is security. My experience with Microsoft Teams has been one of the most secure I’ve ever encountered. Symantec’s VIP access service integrates well with it. Each time you use a new device, you must enter a code to access your messages. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Telegram is controversial in this space. Your data is never secure. The fact that Telegram messenger does not use end-to-end encryption is not surprising. It provides security only to secret chats on Telegram. It makes me wonder if Telegram is safe to use. As with me, this may be a reason to delete your telegram app. You can simply follow the steps below if you are also looking to delete your Telegram account.

Steps to delete Telegram account on Android/iOS smartphones

Android/iOS users cannot directly delete their accounts on Telegram. Deactivation is the first step. 

  • Go to Telegram on your phone and choose the “Settings” option.
  • Choose ‘Privacy & Security.
  • Select the ‘If Away For’ option to automatically delete your account.
  • Choose a timeframe that will result in your Telegram account being permanently disabled. Options include 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. The default is six months.
  • If you decide not to use Telegram for the selected period, the app will permanently delete your account.
  • In my opinion, if I want to delete it, I just do it. No one has the right to set my account open for a month or three or twelve. It takes me further away from using Telegram as my daily workflow. Thankfully, there’s another solution. You can delete your Telegram account permanently using a web browser (Telegram Web).

You can also delete a Telegram account via a web browser by following these steps:

  • Open your web browser and go to the ‘Deactivate Telegram’ page.
  • Provide the phone number you used to sign up for Telegram. You should also include the country code before the mobile number. Click ‘Next’.
  • The Telegram mobile app will now give you an alphanumeric code. Sign in with the code.
How to Delete Telegram Account? - Step 4
Credits: Telegram x Heapooh
  • On the next page, click the Delete Account option. Select a reason for the account deletion, if necessary. (This is an optional step).
  • Last but not least, you need to confirm that you wish to delete Telegram again. Delete your account by selecting ‘Yes, delete my account’.

Green indicates a deleted account message. Try opening your Telegram App now, and you will see that you are automatically logged out.

Congratulations, we have successfully deleted the Telegram now. For those complaining that Telegram has TFA in competition to Microsoft Teams, you make a valid point. Symantec is a better approach for me, and Teams does not annoy you with fake messages and spam. Describe your reasons for deleting Telegram in the comments section and, check this cool infographic guide to Delete Telegram permanently.

Twitter considers vertical video feeds – Revolution Begins

Twitter is the most popular source of news leaks, controversies, and virals on planet Earth. As Twitter’s new CEO steps in and Jack Dorsey retires, you should expect things to change soon. Here is an interesting question. What will Twitter be like under the direction of its new CEO, Parag Agarwal?

There is no way that Twitter could prevent Elon Musk from disrupting the Doge market. Aside from those jokes, the next question is even more intriguing. Does Twitter intend to copy Reels, just as Reels copied TikTok? You already know half of the story if you’re still reading. Our thanks go to Beebom and Techcrunch, the two leading sources.

Twitter is now testing the new feature internally, but it doesn’t have a name yet. Hey Twitter! You can copy the name idea from me: Twitter Dreams. It’s not a real name but is a good idea. A real story here is that the company is testing a vertical feed of trending and personalized videos to enable users to scroll through them. Shortly, this microblogging application will become like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, “Just Confusing”. In the world of instant news, Twitter represents a mature face, and it should not be another TikTok.

Twitter broke the news today that the company is testing the TikTok-like vertical video format for its Explore section for select Android and iOS users who use the app in English. This new feature completely rethinks the Explore section of the app, offering a vertically scrolling video feed and user-specific “For You” and “Trending” tabs. Let’s have Twitter Mobile!

Report from TechCrunch

TechCrunch reported Twitter’s further comment on the matter by saying, “We’re testing out a revamped, more personalized Explore page to make it easier for you to unwind, find new interests, and see what’s happening.”

If I be Honest!

What’s my honest opinion? A perfect example of the “Copy TikTok” bandwagon is Twitter’s new feature. Several years ago, companies like Google+, Orkut, and hi5 were vying with Facebook. The competition nowadays is to bring the best platform for video creation. However, nothing yet comes close to YouTube. 

What would be my rating of this idea? In all honesty, it will be better than our expectations. Existing content creators and emerging ones can earn money through a new content creation platform. It will be a win-win for Twitter! 

Sucess and Failiure War.

There are no surprises here! Twitter isn’t just starting to copy. Spaces is a copy of the audio-focused social app Clubhouse, and Fleets, copied from Snapchat Stories, has now been decommissioned. Are we going to see success for this new content creation platform? Or will it be another Fleets-like failure?

Already available to Test Users.

Twitter aims to provide its users with an easy-to-use content format through the new Explore Page, allowing them to explore many different topics. At the moment, the functionality is available to a select number of users. Please let us know if you see the new Twitter feed below.

MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches with M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, enabling performance that is “notch”


A new generation of Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max processors is poised to sweep away Intel and AMD. We are more confident in Apple after today’s “Unleashed” event. PC users have already shown a great deal of interest in Apple’s Custom M series processors. With these ARM processors, Apple will soon dominate the Windows and Linux markets. 

The new MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch are a part of the announcement today. New design and countless features finally breathe new life into the MacBook Pro. There are variants of the M1 Pro and M1 Max that Apple did not mention on stage. 

MacBook 14 inches Performing at either 67W or 96W Power

The base model MacBook Pro 14 (CAD 2,499.00) has got an 8-Core CPU, 14-Core GPU, 16GB Unified Memory, and 512GB SSD Storage. With no surprise, Apple caps pack this variant with 67W USB-C Power Adapter. You can get up to 10-Core CPU, 16-Core GPU, 32GB Unified Memory, and 8TB SSD Storage if you want to buy the MacBook Pro 14 with an M1 Pro chip. However, you can pack in an M1 Max in the same chassis with up to 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine, 64GB unified memory, and 8TB SSD storage (CAD $7,399.00). Depending on your budget, you can choose from several other options.

Apart from the base model, all other configurations come with a 96W USB-C Power Adapter. Apple is clearly capping the wattage on 14-inch MacBook Pros to perform at their best within the thermal limitations of their chassis.

MacBook 16 inches Performing at 140W Power

Apple’s MacBook Pro 16-inch, which starts at $3,149.00 in Canada, can perform at 140W even on its base model. The base model has a 10-Core CPU (M1 Pro), 16-Core GPU, 16GB Unified Memory, 512GB SSD Storage, and a 140W USB-C Power Adapter. You can configure the MacBook Pro 16 with an M1 Max chip with up to 32-core GPU and 16-core Neural Engine.

new MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch are a part of the announcement today.
Image Credits: Apple

Battery on the late 2021 MacBook’s

Apple claims the new MacBook’s to have 2-4x longer battery life when performing intensive tasks. The Apple Silicon has excellent power efficiency, so customers can edit 8K video on battery power. The 14-inch model can play video for 17 hours, and the 16-inch model for 21 hours. Furthermore, you can boost the battery’s capacity up to 50% in 30 minutes, by fast charging it.

The M1 Max chips have a 400 GB/s memory bandwidth, which is insane. Additionally, the GPU cores are bumped up to 32, equaling GPUs from NVDIA and AMD.
Image Credits: Apple

ProMotion is on both the MacBook’s along with mini-LED displays

The mini-LED display is the most impressive feature of these MacBooks. The ProMotion technology enables the display to run at 120Hz while offering high contrast and 1600 nits of peak brightness. The new MacBook Pro models also have higher-resolution screens, thinner bezels, and a notch housing the webcam.

The ProMotion technology enables the display to run at 120Hz while offering high contrast and 1600 nits of peak brightness.
Image Credits: Apple

A design aspect of this generation that will inevitably provoke controversy is the notch. Apple claims the display borders are up to 26% thinner. Additionally, the menu bar is extended to accommodate the notch height.

The new MacBook Pro models also have higher-resolution screens, thinner bezels, and a notch housing the webcam.
Image Credits: Apple

Originally, we hoped that Face ID would finally arrive on the MacBook Pro. However, it appears to be a design element with no advanced functions. It is now equipped with a webcam that has a 1080p resolution and improved low-light performance.

A new industrial design and improved sound

The late 2021 MacBook Pro design is more like Aluminum PowerBook G4 (15.2″) from September 16, 2003. It is a departure from the 2016 refresh which was criticized for needing hubs or dongles for USB-A or SD card connections.

MacBooks with this boxier design have all the ports you need. Aside from Thunderbolt 4 ports, the MacBook Pro also comes with an HDMI port, an SDXC card slot, and an upgraded MagSafe 3 port. Sadly, the Touch Bar is no longer available. As a replacement, Apple has restored the physical row of function keys. The function row now includes full-height keys for the first time on Apple’s laptops.

Additionally, the keyboards have a more industrial look. The keyboard chassis is covered in an anodized black chassis now. The fingerprint scanner now shares its design with the Magic Keyboard with touch ID. The tactile ring guides your finger to unlock your Mac fast, easily, and securely. The Force Touch trackpad is supposably the same as with the older MacBook Pros.

As far as laptop speakers go, MacBook’s are among the best. A new microphone and speaker array accompany the 2021 update, making the sound even better. The tweeters in the speakers are almost 2x larger to produce Spatial Audio sound. It supports Dolby Atmos as well.

The tweeters in the speakers are almost 2x larger to produce Spatial Audio sound on macbook pro 14 inches
Image Credits: Apple

What Else?

Apple didn’t mention this on stage, but yes! You can plug the newest MacBook into a Type-C port to charge it. Also, the company didn’t mention that M1 Pro chip is basically using the same architecture as the M1 chips from the last year MacBook’s. The Pro chips has an advantage of 200 GB/s memory bandwidth along with more than double the number of transistors. This makes the the CPU performance about 70% faster than M1 making it scary fast. Also, the GPU performance doubles on the Pro chips.

CPU performance about 70% faster than M1
Image Credits: Apple

The M1 Max chips have a 400 GB/s memory bandwidth, which is insane. Additionally, the GPU cores are bumped up to 32, equaling GPUs from NVDIA and AMD.

Apple has opened preorders for the new MacBook Pro models in gray and silver, and shipments will begin next week. Will you be ordering one for yourself? Comment below.

How to enable Nearby Sharing on Windows 11 – AirDrop alternative for Windows users!


There are many surprises in Windows 11, and Microsoft is trying to catch Apple’s lead. One similar feature on Windows 11 OS is Nearby Sharing. It sounds familiar to AirDrop and lets you easily share documents, photos, and other content with nearby devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

Microsoft does not enable this option when you first install Windows 11 on your compatible hardware. To enable Nearby sharing, you need to authorize it manually. We will be your guide for helping you to do so.

What is Nearby Sharing?

Nearby Sharing is not new. Microsoft rolled out this new feature as a part of the April 2018 update for Windows 10. Just like AirDrop, you can transfer content between nearby Windows 10 or Windows 11 PCs over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, you need to enable it. 

This feature is not as widely popular as AirDrop that allows sharing content between iPads, MacBooks, and iPhones. However, Nearby Sharing does not support sharing files with smartphones and tablets.

Getting Nearby Sharing working: minimum requirements

  • Have either Windows 10 or Windows 11 running on both PCs.
  • Both PCs should be dual-band Bluetooth 4.0 (or later) with Low Energy (LE) support.
  • Enable Nearby Sharing on both the PCs.
  • Ideally, the donor and recipient should be near to each other.

Microsoft Windows 11: Enabling Nearby Sharing

Here’s how to enable Nearby Sharing on your Windows 11 computer:

  • By pressing the Windows key + I, you can open the Settings application in Windows 11. Next, select Nearby sharing from the right pane after clicking on ‘System’ in the left sidebar.
Open the settings application and select nearby sharing
Image Credits: Heapooh x Microsoft
  • You can choose to share files, photos, and links with all nearby devices or with just your device on the Nearby Sharing settings page. Preferences save automatically for future use.
Allow to share with your device only or from the list of devices
Image Credits: Heapooh x Microsoft
  • The default destination for shared files is the ‘Downloads’ folder. On the Nearby Settings page, you can choose what folder you want to keep files you receive by clicking the ‘Change’ button next to the ‘Save files I receive to’ option.

Share Files via Nearby Sharing in Windows 11

Here are the steps to follow after you enable Nearby Sharing.

  • Navigate to File Explorer or anywhere on PC where you want to share your files.
  • Select “Show more options” by right-clicking on the target file.
Right click on the target file to see more options
Image Credits: Heapooh x Microsoft
  • Choose ‘Share’ from the context menu that appears next.
click to share to the nearby sharing menu
Image Credits: Heapooh x Microsoft
  • Microsoft will ask you to check the device’s sharing settings if there are no available devices. You may select more than one device to share files with.

Using Microsoft Edge’s Nearby Sharing feature, share website links

Microsoft edge now allows to share the website links using Nearby sharing. Follow the instructions below to share a web link on Windows 10 or 11.

  • To share a web page or website, open Microsoft Edge and go to the page. Select ‘Share’ from the drop-down menu by clicking on the ellipsis (three-dot menu button) at the top-right.
use microsoft edge to share your website links
Image Credits: Heapooh x Microsoft
  • From the pop-up, select ‘Windows share options’.
click on the windows share options
Image Credits: Heapooh x Microsoft
  • Nearby sharing is the first option. Depending on your preference, you can share to your device only or to everyone on your list.
again you can choose from your device or your created list
Image Credits: Heapooh x Microsoft

Using Microsoft Edge’s Nearby Share your favourite Media with your Mate’s

Microsoft gives users the option of sharing Media directly with a few default applications (Example, the ‘Photos’ application). To share your favorite photos with friends, family, and colleagues, follow these steps.

  • Launch the Photos application and choose the Jpeg, Png, or Mp4 file.
  • You’ll see a floating bar on top of the ‘Photo’ application when you left click anywhere on the media.
Share the media using the 'photos' application to share using nearby sharing on windows 11
Image Credits: Heapooh x Microsoft
  • Click on the share icon  by clicking on the ellipsis (three-dot menu button) at the top-right.
select between multiple devices in the list
Image Credits: Heapooh x Microsoft
  • ‘Nearby sharing’ is the first option.
  •  You can share only with your device or with everyone on your list, depending on your preferences.

Nearby Sharing lets you share content easily among Windows PCs. If you like this new Windows 11 feature, you can follow the detailed guide and let us know how it worked out for you.

We prefer to share media over Bluetooth when using Wi-Fi. The latter is often slower than Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connection must be the same for both devices, and the connection profile must be private in both cases. Navigate to Settings -> Network and Internet -> Properties -> Private.

The Nearby Sharing feature was useful for you, wasn’t it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Apple announces ‘Unleased’ event for October 18 – MacBook Pro 2021 expected!


It is finally happening! Apple will replace the old dull MacBook design on Monday, October 18, and it will be live on Apple Park. As of 12:05 PM on Oct 12, 2021Greg Joswiak pushes the official invitation teaser on his Twitter handle with the tagline“Unleashed.” Well, this can be a hint at the M1X-powered Mac Mini, but we can also expect the rumored M1X MacBooks. The following is what we think Apple will release on October 18.

Apple TechTober Event details:

Apple releasing the iPhone 13 series in September was boring. Not many upgrades were made. Most of the big announcements will probably be made on October 18. The event will take place at 10 a.m. Pacific/1 p.m. ET at Apple Park. Apple is pushing the event virtually for the second year in a row. The company’s YouTube channel will be streaming the event, as are the Apple TV applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. We will update the links as they go live on October 18.

Here are some things to expect at the event

The first thing we expect Apple to launch is the all-new “M1X” processor. Possibly, Apple will introduce “M1X” to its developers kit. My wish is that this is not true and that I can see the M1X inside of the all-new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 2021

The “Pro” Apple MacBook is expected to feature a mini-LED display with minimal bezels. We may be lucky enough to get a look at Face ID on these MacBooks (Just a wish). The 2021 update will include an HDMI port, an SD card slot (in higher capacity models), a stronger MagSafe for charging, and much more. Despite the loss of the Touch Bar, we will get a row of traditional function keys instead. Did you like the Touch Bar on your current MacBooks? You can let us know in the comments section below.

Anyhow, it is hard to deny that the latest “Pro” MacBooks will come in a flatter design to match the latest iMac, iPhone, and iPad designs. Can you think of anything else you would like? The Mac users have a new generational upgrade!

Redesigned Mac mini 2021

It’s important not to overlook the “M1X” powered Mac mini. This product will have the same specifications as the MacBook but at a much lower price. We expect up to 64GB RAM, 10-core CPU, and 16 or 32 graphics cores. Moreover, Jon Prosser has reported that Apple will create the first real update to the Mac mini design with its M1X-powered model. Apple’s Mac mini 2021 will feature a slimmer, and flatter design, and it will be available in more than two color options.

macOS Monterey

Apart from the Mac mini’s, Apple will officially announce macOS Monterey’s official release date. Our MacBooks are already in beta testing, and the actual launch of the OS further excites us.

macOS Monterey is set to arrive this fall and it will be a major upgrade to the macOS
Image Credits: Apple

Airpods 3

Another product that did not see an upgrade since iPhone 7 series is the Apple AirPods. We can finally see the AirPods 3 in this event. The AirPods 3 will be a hybrid of the regular AirPods and the AirPods Pro, and they will offer massive performance improvements.

Do you still believe that Apple will do poorly on October 18 as well? It is unlikely after what we shared with you. We’d like to hear what you think.

Google Pixel 6 might not be worth the hype after all, but why?


The Google Pixel 6 was officially announced by Google on Twitter on August 2. Although there is a listing for the phone in the Google Store, no official launch event has yet been announced. It is important to wait until Google’s official press event to find out more about it.

Google is creating quite a buzz about this year’s Pixel phones. In fact, it is not anything like anything else since the company is showing a smartphone months before their rumored launch in October 2021.

We already know the shape and size of the upcoming Pixel 6 series. But, the rumor we’re hearing today might prove to be more valuable than that, if true. According to a report from Gsmarena, the tensor flow chip in the Pixel phones is an updated version of Samsung’s unreleased Exynos 9855 SoC. 

Whitechapel is another codename for Exynos 9855
Image Credits: Heapooh x Google

 Whitechapel is another codename for Exynos 9855 and Google uses the same name internally for the Tensor flow chip. If true, the chipset will perform almost similar to Exynos 9840 which is more commonly known to be the Exynos 2100 powering the Galaxy S21 series.

We can expect the Pixel 6 to perform well based on Google’s history as an enterprise software company. However, if we consider the competition, why didn’t the company use the latest Exynos 2200 (Exynos 99255)? The upcoming Exynos processors will feature AMD’s RDNA2 GPU, so they will even sound more exciting when paired with the S22 series.

Also in rumors is the 50MP Samsung GN1 sensor on the Pixel 6 series
Image Credits: Heapooh x Google

Also in rumors is the 50MP Samsung GN1 sensor on the Pixel 6 series. In the latest beta of Android 12, the developer’s Camera app contains code ( with a reference to ‘p21’ ) confirming the rumors. Additionally, the code mentions a ‘gn1_wide code’, which is very easy to interpret.

The GN1 sensor is not a new sensor, and we have seen better camera optics from some manufacturers. Compared to GN2 (with  1.4μm pre-binned pixels and 2.8µm binned ones ) from Samsung, the GN1 has  1.2μm-sized pixels before binning. If you combine them 4-to-1, you get 12.5 million 2.4μm-sized pixels from 50 million 1.2μm pixels. 

X60 Pro + has GN1 sensors. This seems like one more cost-saving measure from Google. Even though Google’s software algorithms are close to perfection, a larger sensor means more light hitting the sensor and resulting in overall more crisp photographs with a better dynamic range.

The GN1 sensor is not a new sensor, and we have seen better camera optics from some manufacturers.

Generally speaking, Samsung’s S22 is expected to be more impressive than the Pixel 6. As for the S22 series, we expect the device to sport a refined design, armor casing, Sony’s best camera system, best GPU for Android phones, and most likely the best screen in the market. The hype surrounding the S22 seems deserved, doesn’t it? At the very least, it deserves more attention than the Google Pixel 6 series, in our opinion.

In any case, Google’s partnership with Samsung is a great move. Google Pixel 6 series seems to be better than any phone Google has made until Samsung releases the S22 series. Getting both phones in my hands for better comparisons is still on my to-do list. What do you think about the Pixel 6 series though? Is it worth the hype? Below is a space for you to share.

‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Program allows Apple Financing in Canada through PayBright Partnership


Bloomberg reports that Apple will reintroduce “Apple financing “options in Canada under the “buy now, pay later” program. Apple and Affirm’s PayBright will bring this new program on August 11, 2021. A similar program was introduced by Apple Card credit card and Goldman Sachs in the US on August 20, 2019. Payments will be deferred through Affirm Holdings in Canada.

So far, we haven’t confirmed Apple bringing physical credit cards to Canada. However, the company will offer its ‘Buy now, pay later’ scheme via its physical and online stores in the country. 

According to an internal memo by the company, customers will be able to finance purchases for 12 to 24 months with Apple financing. The announcement comes as Canada approaches back-to-school student day deals in September. The timing of Apple launching the “buy now, pay later” program during the holiday season makes sense, as it will boost sales. As well, Apple said that the program will offer interest-free financing after launch for a limited period of time. 

Bloomberg says that the employees in the Apple retail store are already informed about this new program. I think this is really great news for international students coming to Canada since they can stretch out the cost of their new MacBook and 

iPad over time.

Anyhow, this is wonderful news, and it might serve as an excellent alternative to Apple Credit Card in Canada. However, is this event really going to take place on August 11, 2021, as promised? Let us know your thought’s in the comments section below. Also, if you are an international student in Canada which Apple product will you want to buy under Apple’s ‘Buy now, pay later’ Apple financing program? Leave your thoughts below.

Zoom agrees to pay users $85M after lying about encryption and sharing data with Facebook and Google


Zoom has become the fastest-growing video conferencing platform post-Covid. Zoom users grew by 2.22 million in 2020, and the numbers are ever-growing. The question is, is its success really deserved? There are yeses and noes to that question.

As part of the class-action settlement, Zoom must pay its users $85 million. While Zoom is a great application, the lawsuit settlement answers the remainder of the question. Anyways, the allegations surfaced that Zoom was sharing users’ data with Facebook and Google without their permission. Zoom is also alleged to have lied about offering end-to-end encryption.

ArsTechnica reports Zoom will pay $85 million to settle the complaints.  Both free and paid Zoom account users are eligible for compensation under the class-action settlement. In the end, Zoom users will receive $15 to USD 25.

Zoom signed the proposal on Saturday at the US District Court for the Northern District of California. Additionally, the company promises to improve security and privacy concerns with the application. So, here’s the yes in the original question. Every company learns from its mistakes, and Zoom seems to learn and improve.

These allegations follow a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission nine months ago, which included security improvements and a “prohibition of privacy and security misrepresentations.” This means Zoom was not expecting to pay its users as per the original settlement with FTC.

The important question is why should we continue to use Zoom? Regardless of the allegations, the company promises to bring a dozen of changes to an already great application. There will be improvements in meeting security, transparency of privacy policies, and safeguarding of consumer data.

Regardless, the market value of the company has increased since COVID-19 struck. With a promise of making the platform more secure and offering the best video conferencing feature, the company has got a bright future. And, we do recommend Zoom to the users for co-operate or educational purposes.