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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Android 12 update is on the Air with One UI 4.0

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Android 12 update is rolling out now. It was originally predicted that Samsung would release One UI 4.0 in 2022 on S20 FE and S10, so this early release is a pleasant holiday surprise. My original Samsung S1 was an Android phone, and I have always loved Android. Until the S9, Samsung’s only problem was software updates, but it appears that has been resolved.

Samsung prioritizes updates only for its exynos-based devices right now. In the coming year, companies will begin moving to their own SOC, which will allow them to better control the software updates on smartphones. In addition to Google and Apple, OnePlus and Xiaomi are following the trend.

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Users in Germany and Switzerland.

Anyways, if you live in Switzerland, then you can now update your Galaxy S20 FE (SM-G781B — Exynos, 5G) to Android 12 with One UI 4.0. In the meantime, the global Galaxy S10 (SM-G97xF) – the Exynos 4G model – is now receiving firmware version G97xFXXUEGULB in Germany and Switzerland. This includes both the December security patch and Android 12/One UI 4.0. As long as no issues develop, we can expect other countries to get the update.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with Android 12.0 in Canada
Credits – Samsung x Heapooh
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Presently, I am using a S20FE that’s a Snapdragon-based model (SM-G781W). The Samsung S20 FE SM-G781W update for Android 12 is just around the corner, so if you are in Canada and waiting for it, then the update will be available soon. Samsung is seriously changing its way of dealing with old smartphones, so we can expect the same from the Note 10 line-up.

SM-G781B owners should make sure they check for software updates. Navigate to Settings > Software update > Download and install. You should see it soon if you can’t see it already. Which region are you in? Let us know if you already see an update for your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with One UI 4.0.


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