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Top 5 best Android games of April 2021!

Android Gaming is burgeoning with leaps and bounds, and today we’ve reached to a point where almost all the AAA titles from PC gaming exist onto our Android phones. Though the Google Play store and Apple App Store share a rich legacy of games that are identical, here is our selection to the top 5 Android games of 2019 that you must play if you are into gaming.

PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile, both the Lite and the standard versions, has become the most popular android games of all time around since its launch. In its brief span of release, the game has got over 10 million downloads. Whatmore, the user comments on the game are about 1 million, showing the consumer love for this game. The most important part of this game it’s online pairing along with excellent visuals.

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Throughout the game, exactly 100 players drop from a plane onto a battleground where they battle against each other until only one squad or a player is left standing. You can play it alone, in a duo or with your friends by making a squad. They provide you a space on the map which reduces with time to prevent the game from lasting long. The game allows you to collect various gear, weapons, and vehicles on your way in order to survive until the end. The last person, squad or team wins the match. Here’s the link to the game.

The PUBG Lite is another version of the game that is available for specific devices. The Game runs on lower graphics setting and allows a fewer user to dive into the Gaming.

You Can Also Check Fortnite

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Anyway, if you want to enjoy yourself a similar game with extreme graphics, you can also check out Fortnite. The only catch is that you need to download the game from the official website of Epic Games instead of Google Play.


Crashland is an adventurous game that was released for mobiles in 2016, also available for PC, Mac, and iOS. The game starts with you being left on an alien planet with an intergalactic trucker. Build your own space and weaponry. On your way to survival, you will meet strange creatures having different fighting techniques with whom you have to fight. You can also create your own death machines by finding creature eggs, which will give you your own baby death machine after some incubation period. Crashland is an overwhelming game with an RPG element for character development, myriads of items that you can collect and craft, and an auto-managing inventory.

Game Link

Dragon Ball Legends


Take the name of Dragon Ball Z, and you may find an extended bunch of people who are wedded to the Dragon Ball Z episodes. We’ve already got some exciting titles for this game on Xbox and PC, but the Dragon Ball Legends for Android is exciting. The game truly depicts the characters of the anime series, along with its fighting styles. Interestingly, it is one of those few games based on Anime that runs in the portrait mode.

We love the Gameplay on this Game

In order to make the fundamental moves, you need to swipe and tap on the screen. Also, one can use the power cards of different levels in order to make heavy assaults and special attacks. The graphics on this game are superb, and the animations make the experience more true to life. One can play this game either in the story mode, while there is also an option to engage in online battles against opponents around the globe. Anyway, here’s the link to this game, so give it a shot, and reciprocate us with your experience with this game in the comments section below.

June’s Journey

Junes journey 2

June’s Journey is one of the best-hidden objects Android games out there on Google’s Play Store. June’s Journey is really an oversimplified game to play The player’s adventures will consist primarily of solving puzzles and riddles while solving other adventures in the middle of the story. The gameplay requires you to tapping on objects in the scenery depending on the clues provided. The game allows you to solve levels and customize your very own estate island for even more intuitive experience in the gaming. If you have a sharp eye for puzzles, you must install it from Google Play Store.


Speak about one of the most popular Android games around the globe, and it is none other than Minecraft. The game lets you explore your own imagination, beyond the horizon to be as much creative as you can. Minecraft is a sandbox multiplayer game with different play modes available for players. First released for Android on 16 August 2011, since then they have updated it with different modes. We now have survival mode, spectator mode, creation mode, and a lot more. If you are creative enough, definitely try the game in the creative mode of play. You can also download the trial version from google play store.

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