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Truecaller’s COVID HEALTHCARE DIRECTORY gives access to hospital details in minutes!

As COVID-19 continues its second wave of effects, Indians are being affected socially, medically, and mentally. Seeing as how Canada and the US are assisting the Indians in this crucial stage, some IT companies have also stepped forward to help assist them. This is not a mention of the donations made by Google to India, but it is an additional feature in India that can help millions of people in this pandemic. Today, the company launched its COVID-19 HEALTHCARE DIRECTORY feature in INDIA. It’s hard to think simple nowadays, but Telegram did it thankfully.

What does this Feature Do?

The Coronavirus has been a major outbreak in India that has reached epidemic proportions. It is so widely spread, that even the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chenna, and Bangalore are running out of oxygen, and medical supplies. As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to experience an increase in cases, people still cannot locate the nearest hospitals that can provide medical treatment.  

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Within the beta version of the Truecaller Android app, you can use the Hospital Locator app from the menu or the dialer for quick access to nearby hospitals. Truecaller must help in any way considering the recent spike in cases.

According to Truecaller, they created the Healthcare Directory from data that is collected from official government sources. As of today, the company will update its database and phone numbers regularly in the Telegram application.

True caller interface is simple to access the healthcare directory
Truecaller’s new interface / image: Truecaller
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The latest version of Truecaller is available in the Google Play Store, and you can update the app for free. You can download it here if you do not have it yet. In addition, the beta version is only available in certain regions of India, which explains why you cannot access it immediately.

Let us know how this article and Truecaller have helped you in this pandemic by spreading the love and spreading this article among your friends.

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