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Twitter considers vertical video feeds – Revolution Begins

Twitter is the most popular source of news leaks, controversies, and virals on planet Earth. As Twitter’s new CEO steps in and Jack Dorsey retires, you should expect things to change soon. Here is an interesting question. What will Twitter be like under the direction of its new CEO, Parag Agarwal?

There is no way that Twitter could prevent Elon Musk from disrupting the Doge market. Aside from those jokes, the next question is even more intriguing. Does Twitter intend to copy Reels, just as Reels copied TikTok? You already know half of the story if you’re still reading. Our thanks go to Beebom and Techcrunch, the two leading sources.

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Twitter is now testing the new feature internally, but it doesn’t have a name yet. Hey Twitter! You can copy the name idea from me: Twitter Dreams. It’s not a real name but is a good idea. A real story here is that the company is testing a vertical feed of trending and personalized videos to enable users to scroll through them. Shortly, this microblogging application will become like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, “Just Confusing”. In the world of instant news, Twitter represents a mature face, and it should not be another TikTok.

Twitter broke the news today that the company is testing the TikTok-like vertical video format for its Explore section for select Android and iOS users who use the app in English. This new feature completely rethinks the Explore section of the app, offering a vertically scrolling video feed and user-specific “For You” and “Trending” tabs. Let’s have Twitter Mobile!

Report from TechCrunch

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TechCrunch reported Twitter’s further comment on the matter by saying, “We’re testing out a revamped, more personalized Explore page to make it easier for you to unwind, find new interests, and see what’s happening.”

If I be Honest!

What’s my honest opinion? A perfect example of the “Copy TikTok” bandwagon is Twitter’s new feature. Several years ago, companies like Google+, Orkut, and hi5 were vying with Facebook. The competition nowadays is to bring the best platform for video creation. However, nothing yet comes close to YouTube. 

What would be my rating of this idea? In all honesty, it will be better than our expectations. Existing content creators and emerging ones can earn money through a new content creation platform. It will be a win-win for Twitter! 

Sucess and Failiure War.

There are no surprises here! Twitter isn’t just starting to copy. Spaces is a copy of the audio-focused social app Clubhouse, and Fleets, copied from Snapchat Stories, has now been decommissioned. Are we going to see success for this new content creation platform? Or will it be another Fleets-like failure?

Already available to Test Users.

Twitter aims to provide its users with an easy-to-use content format through the new Explore Page, allowing them to explore many different topics. At the moment, the functionality is available to a select number of users. Please let us know if you see the new Twitter feed below.

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