“WhatsApp Pink” Virus will screw up your Android Phone: Scam Alert!

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WhatsApp Pink is becoming quite the news now. Recently, researchers found out that despite WhatsApp constantly adding new privacy features, it has an ID verification bug. Android users claim it compromised their user accounts.

“WhatsApp Pink theme” is malware spreading on WhatsApp groups, claiming to change the color of their WhatsApp icon from green to pink. Researchers confirm it to be a variant of malware that ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko analyzed recently.

Scam Alert: Do not install WhatsApp Pink!

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The initial variant of this Trojan Virus was forcing auto-reply on WhatsApp users. Stefanko says this recent version can auto-reply to messages on any social media platform on your smartphone.

Do not get tricked into downloading the Pink version of WhatsApp by spam messages. It is an APK link circulating in the WhatsApp groups and allows an attacker to gain complete control of your Android Phone.

Image Courtesy: Rajshekhar Rajaharia (@rajaharia/Twitter)

Security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia was the first to spot this issue. He shared the images on his Twitter handle and warned those users who already downloaded the application. The app claims to be an official WhatsApp redesign which will fool the users who are not so tech-savvy.

Now you know it is malware, do not share the WhatsApp Pink link with your family groups. Keep an eye out for other fake WhatsApp clones and download Android applications directly from Google Play only. Spread this article and lead your friends to realize this malware is dangerous.

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