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Zoom agrees to pay users $85M after lying about encryption and sharing data with Facebook and Google

Zoom has become the fastest-growing video conferencing platform post-Covid. Zoom users grew by 2.22 million in 2020, and the numbers are ever-growing. The question is, is its success really deserved? There are yeses and noes to that question.

As part of the class-action settlement, Zoom must pay its users $85 million. While Zoom is a great application, the lawsuit settlement answers the remainder of the question. Anyways, the allegations surfaced that Zoom was sharing users’ data with Facebook and Google without their permission. Zoom is also alleged to have lied about offering end-to-end encryption.

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ArsTechnica reports Zoom will pay $85 million to settle the complaints.  Both free and paid Zoom account users are eligible for compensation under the class-action settlement. In the end, Zoom users will receive $15 to USD 25.

Zoom signed the proposal on Saturday at the US District Court for the Northern District of California. Additionally, the company promises to improve security and privacy concerns with the application. So, here’s the yes in the original question. Every company learns from its mistakes, and Zoom seems to learn and improve.

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These allegations follow a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission nine months ago, which included security improvements and a “prohibition of privacy and security misrepresentations.” This means Zoom was not expecting to pay its users as per the original settlement with FTC.

The important question is why should we continue to use Zoom? Regardless of the allegations, the company promises to bring a dozen of changes to an already great application. There will be improvements in meeting security, transparency of privacy policies, and safeguarding of consumer data.

Regardless, the market value of the company has increased since COVID-19 struck. With a promise of making the platform more secure and offering the best video conferencing feature, the company has got a bright future. And, we do recommend Zoom to the users for co-operate or educational purposes.

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